Creating Healthier Communities,
One Fit Kid at a Time.

What it is

A healthy lifestyle program developed to teach families healthy behaviors.

The goals

Provide an effective solution for families who have been unable to make changes on thier own. Help kids and their families enjoy longer, healthier lives.

How it works

Basic education about nutrition, behavior and exercise combined with fun activities to get kids and families moving.

Who it's for

Kids ages 5 to 16 who have a BMI (Body Mass Index) at the 85th percentile or higher who are ready to make a lifestyle change. Kids need to be accompanied by a parent or support partner.

The commitment

An orientation followed by six, once-a-week, two-hour sessions. Consistent participation in class and during the week.

The cost

It's free

The experts

Each FitKids360 team includes a pediatrician or health care provider, registered dietitian, behavior health expert, an exercise physiologist and a personal trainer or fitness instructor.


FitKids360 programs are currently being scheduled for a variety of locations in West Michigan.