Youth Mentor Garden

Youth Mentor Garden is a summer program promoting food access & food justice principles.

The Youth Mentor Garden empowers children and families to become change-makers in their communities and become less reliant on grocery stores and traditional food shopping methods.
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Youth Mentor Garden

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the program.
What is the YOUTH Mentor Garden Program?
The Youth Mentor Garden Program is a unique initiative, designed to empower young teens in leadership and families by teaching them how to grow their own healthy foods. This program is perfect for young adults looking to gain hands-on experience in gardening, learn about sustainable food practices, gain skills in mentorship and integrate fresh, nutritious produce into their daily diets.
Who can participate in this program?
It's suitable for participants 12 years and older and their families.
What will participants learn?
Participants will learn everything from the basics of setting up a garden, choosing the right plants for their space and climate, to advanced techniques for maintaining and harvesting their crops. The program also covers important topics like how to create short- and long-term goals, identify social systems of support, and how to manage stress through breathing exercises.
What is the aim of the program?
Our aim is to provide families with the knowledge and skills they need to start and sustain their own gardens, foster a sense of independence and a deeper connection to the food they eat.
How can our family get involved?
To get involved, please contact us at 616.421.9024 or through email at
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